Sunday, April 5, 2009

new items!

woohoohoo! i had this sudden idea when i was doing some diy thing for bb. are these cute?? i plan to buy more colours and let people customize whatever they want to have and i'll do it for them at a price ranging from 5 to 8 dollars. Feasible? im gonna make it into pendants for necklaces or keychains and here is my first batch.
i made this for bb cause today's our 10th.
this one im selling at $2.50,2.5cm

suitable for couples.i couldnt make their heads round so i made the rectangular. haha. anyways, one for $3 and if you buy both,$2 for $4.50.
length about 3cm each.
i'll try to make bigger and nicer ones!=) it's my first time though.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Part III

Dangling earrings(pink beads) yours at $2.50!=)

initially bought from Topshop,yours at $4

Red plastic bear long necklace,yours at $5!=)

Part II

Converse All-Star Size 6,BRAND NEW,unisex. selling at $58,price negotiable.

PERLLINI handbag,selling at $8
Long Necklace(Brown),brand new,selling at $4
Beach necklace(light blue with beads),selling at $4
Coach (not authentic) $8,negotiable till $5=)
Brand new reindeer plushie,very soft,$4

"True beauty is found in the heart" Address book, yours @ $5

WE ARE sportswear,cross-back, yours @ $8

Adidas (authentic) sling bag. very convenient to carry around and 4 compartments.
going at $25.

Part I

Cotton On shorts,brand new,selling at $8. SIZE 8

Accesory Box,Brand New, selling at $8 (Comes with a free necklace if you purchase this!)

Left: Blue tight-fitting polo tee,$6 Right: Light blue tight-fitting polo tee,$6 (BOTH SMALL)

shorts,bought at $28. now selling at $12 (with belt)

Red dress,worn once only,still good as new. bought at $30,now selling at $18.
White Cotton On Bf tee dress,BRAND NEW,bought at $35 now selling at $28. price negotiable. =) Easily paired off with a waist belt,maybe leggings cause it's quite see-through,and yes,HEELS!=)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


hello earthlings:) i deleted my cause i thought i wouldnt be selling anything else. i havent even managed to sell everything!=( please help me cus i need money pretty badly..thanks!much appreciated.